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Serendipity & The Perfect Honeymoon

In 2003, Dan and Anna went on a safari in Kenya.  They were able to visit Chepsaita, the home of their tour guide Ben Maraka-Museve, met his extended family and were welcomed into his village. It was clear the needs of the community were great. They left Chepsaita, but the spirit of the place and the people stayed with them.

Two years later, Dan and Anna decided to make their honeymoon about service to others. They contacted Ben, who was very receptive of their offer to come to his village to do service work.  The community identified protected drinking water and the rebuilding of the nursery school as the two top priorities. Instead of traditional gifts, Dan and Anna’s wedding guests were asked to make a donation. The community coordinated each of the projects including hiring engineers, enlisting volunteers and dealing with suppliers.

Funds allowed the completion of the first water project and the structural upgrade of the nursery school: a poured concrete floor, new roof, new and larger windows, and children’s desks. Residual funds also allowed the latrine to be upgraded with concrete walls and floor.

A portion of their honeymoon was spent teaching at the primary school and playing indigenous games as well as American games and sports, like baseball and touch football. They were struck by how cooperative with each other in the classroom and during playtime.

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