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Water Projects

Accessible fresh water is a universal need and right.

With the generosity of our donors UwK’s water projects have made a dramatic public health difference. Community leaders have shared with us that, where there is a UwK water source, the incidence of typhoid and dysentery has dropped dramatically.

Before United with Kenya, drinking water sites were open pits, which were supplied by underground streams. The pits were exposed to animals, waste, debris, and rubbish. Unsanitary household buckets were dipped into these pits to fetch water. Since the water pits were small and shallow, during the dry season there was often not enough water for everyone. Obtaining water from another source required adults and children to walk for miles.

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In 2005, UwK partnered with a team of local volunteers to complete its first water project. Word got out about this new protected water source; understanding the health benefits of cleaner water, villagers walked long distances, multiple times a day and often waited in line to have access to this new protected fresh water source. That was just the beginning…

To date, with the support of donors and efforts of village volunteers, 21 water projects and water extensions have been completed.

UwK has now expanded this community-based model to neighboring communities including 2 water projects which were completed in 2018. Volunteers work on behalf of their communities to identify underground water streams, clear and prepare the site, and work hand in hand with the engineer to construct the concrete compression chamber, install the piping, faucet, and protective fencing. Importantly, a community committee is formed to oversee and maintain each site.

Access to cleaner water is possible because of contributions to UwK. Each water project costs roughly $2,000, depending on its location and building requirements. 100% of all contributions go directly to projects – no administrative costs are deducted.

Our goal is to complete 8 more water projects within two years.


  1. Enlarge the existing pit.
  2. Build a dam at one end.
  3. Add multi-sized rocks to filter the water.
  4. Build a concrete pressure chamber on the other side of the dam.
  5. Add piping and a faucet.
  6. Cover the pit with a tarp and add dirt to level it with its surroundings.
  7. Install protective fencing around the entire area preventing destruction by cows.
  8. Turn on the tap for fresh, protected water!
  9. Turn the tap off to preserve water!

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