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COVID Support

Rural villages struggle for protection against COVID-19

In low resource, remote villages such as Chepsaita, access to basic protective gear is a significant challenge.  Information is sparse, stores have limited or no supplies, and distribution is logistically difficult.

In April 2020, United with Kenya worked with village leaders in Chepsaita to:

  1. Establish support priorities in terms of protection materials as well as identifying PHOTO-2020-05-04-09-10-42the most vulnerable populations.  It was determined that the three largest needs were masks, soap, and jerricans (reusable water containers for household and community washing station use).
  2. Establish a local COVID Response Committee to make the reusable masks, as well as purchase and distribute the soap and jerricans.
  3. Provide financial and informational support to provide materials for 1,000+ masks, soap for 500+ households, 50 jerricans, and funding for transportation/distribution.

The response from the Chepsaita community was swift and robust.  Using sewing machines which were already owned by local residents and recycled water bottles, the local COVID Response Committee organized themselves to produce masks, distribute soap and establish community and household hand washing stations.   In addition, they created and laminated informational posters to educate local residents on best practices for protection.

United with Kenya continues to monitor the local situation and prepares to stand by its community partners through income continuation for library personnel and assessing needs as the situation continues to evolve.

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