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Children’s Community Library

The concept of the Children’s Community Library grew out of discussions with Chepsaita Primary School teachers as a way to enrich and broaden the educational experience of children in the community. The concept was to bring Chepsaita children not only classroom subject textbooks, but to offer them ongoing opportunities to become life-long learners and lovers of literature.IMG_2089

Children have opportunities to learn through manipulation, interaction, and exploration. For example, plans for the library include the engagement of older children as leaders of reading and story time groups for younger children and opportunities for independent and group learning.

The Library Management Committee, which consists of educators and leaders within the community, oversees the continued development of the Library. Daily learning activities are managed by the coordinator and deputy coordinator. Coordinators work with the Library Management Committee and UwK on major goals of outreach, adult learning, and expansion of the holdings of the Library. The Library is non-circulating, which reduces wear and tear, prevents loss, and allows more use of materials. This allows coordinators more time to devote to conducting activities with children.

library interior

The building of the Library reflected a true partnership between UwK, and the Chepsaita community as a whole. Community members provided labor, stones, crushed rock, and bricks for the walls of the building. UwK provided funds for the engineer and materials for the foundation, framing, roofing, furniture, and books. During UwK’s 2013 trip to Chepsaita, volunteers participated in the work of laying the foundation; the 2016 trip focused on increasing holdings the delivery of Kindle readers, materials for young children, teacher education, and management training to the coordinators.

In 2017, electricity reached parts of the region. A key goal will be to electrify the Library, and introduce computer technology and training.

The library has become the pride of the community!

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