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Education Enrichment

Education Partnership – enriching education for children & youth

In 2009, United with Kenya formalized its education initiative by conducting a survey of primary schools in Chepsaita. The findings made clear the need for three initiatives:

(1) Education Enrichment in primary schools (One Child, One Book)

(2) Children’s Community Library to foster children’s imagination and love of learning

(3) Scholarship & Mentorship Project (Amani Nawiri) – vocational opportunities for at-risk, out-of-school youth

As with all UwK projects, there is full community involvement and partnership in planning and managing. The Education Enrichment Project and the Children’s Community Library are managed by the Library Management Committee, which consists of school administrators, educators, parents, and community leaders. The Scholarship & Mentorship Project is overseen by the Sponsoring

Committee consisting of tradesmen/women, farmers, educators, and community leaders. This committee provides critical educational guidance to families and at-risk youth who are admitted into the program. The Education Enrichment Project is implemented in Chepsaita Primary School. The Scholarship & Mentorship Project is implemented in district and regional vocational schools.

UwK values cultural exchange. UwK field trips to Chepsaita allow many opportunities for cultural connections and interactions to occur between Americans and Kenyans, adults and youth, and girls and boys. Cultural exchanges happen in social settings when youth meet in small groups to share experiences, work side-by-side to complete a water project, play together in soccer matches and netball games, and participate in other celebratory gatherings with the community at large. The partnership between UwK and Chepsaita is mutually enriching.

Enrichment | Children’s Library | Scholarship & Mentorship

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