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Primary School ChildrenPrior to our honeymoon arrival, the children in the nursery school had no desks so they sat on a dirt floor and there were holes in the metal roof so that when it rained, the children basically sat in mud.  There were rotting roof timbers, only two tiny window openings and an unusable outhouse with no doors, dirt floors and made of only sticks and mud.  Since the children couldn’t use this outhouse they would have to go across a large yard to where the primary school had its outhouses whenever they had to use the bathroom.

Building the Nursery School

Through the funds provided by our wedding guests, the nursery school now has a concrete floor, a brand new roof with new timbers, new and larger windows, and the children have desks.  The outhouse also has doors for the first time, a concrete floor and reinforced concrete walls. Similar to the water project, all of the work was done by a team of community volunteers including parents of the nursery school children.  Once completed, the parents were beside themselves with appreciation and the nursery school teacher said that she was now inspired to “teach even better” given the new condition of the school.

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